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Verizon Platinum Solutions Provider

Verizon is the country’s biggest telecom company. Its network performance standards, access controls, and security are second to none.

BlackWire Consulting Group adds to this value proposition by helping you identify the exact Verizon technologies and services you need. Together with our extensive on-boarding experience, we help you optimize your network and achieve the best possible performance for the lowest possible price.

Verizon is a single-source provider for all your business telecom needs. We supplement their superiority by offering:

  • Personalized service and management support.

  • Knowledgeable reps with intensive, specialized training in Verizon services.

  • A synergistic approach with authorized agents.


Your network should be designed to support your business and its core functions. We help you:

  • Choose bandwidth capabilities that meet your needs while keeping costs in check.

  • Create variable-speed on-net and off-net network access.

  • Enjoy fast, reliable, high-capacity top-tier service across the continent.

  • Establish superior IP architecture design.

  • Implement effective troubleshooting and problem resolution standards that reduce downtime.

Domestic & International Mobile Collaboration

Mobile technology is changing the way people do business. We help you stay competitive by providing configuration, remote control, administration, and security of your mobile fleet. With us, you will achieve superior enterprise asset management across multiple mobile platforms.

International mobile collaboration is transforming boardrooms around the world. Mobile technologies are an ideal way to cut business travel costs without reducing your market reach. If you do business internationally, we’ll help you choose the right mobile fleet, the right carriers, and the right contracts.