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BlackwireSova is one of only a handful of Verizon Platinum Partners in the United States. Because of our status within Verizon, our partners and clients are provided with a private service support team, the widest selection of Verizon services globally, expedited quoting and ordering, executive level escalations, field sales support, and Platinum level pricing.

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Verizon Wireline

Whether it’s voice lines and FiOS, or an intricate network design, Verizon Wireline has a solution..
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Verizon Wireless

The Verizon Wireless business segment offers customers the most dependable wireless..
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Verizon Cloud

Verizon’s Cloud segment provides customers with IT Infrastructure and Security Services..
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About us

Our offices comprised of over comprised 30 professionals with years of combined experience..
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People Managing Technology

BlackWire: Sova is an advisory firm specializing in mobility and telecom solutions from Verizon.  Learn which technologies and services your business truly needs… and which it doesn’t. Whether you’re looking to lower costs or upgrade systems, BlackWire:Sova offers personalized and unbiased guidance.

At Blackwire:Sova we advocate for clients and help you discover how you can gain a high-performing, cost-effective system. We eliminate performance inefficiencies and enhance your ability to stay competitive in today’s cutthroat commercial landscape.

What We Do

Is it time to upgrade to the latest technology? Is performance static while your bill keeps climbing? It’s hard to know where to turn, which services to add and what to toss. Not to mention, working directly with carriers can further complicate issues.

Why Choose Us?

Blackwire:Sova is a Master Solutions provider of Verizon providing networking, mobility, cloud, security, hosting, application management, unified communications, VPN, VoIP and conferencing solutions for medium to large businesses. However, if Verizon is not a good fit, we have access to 60 other carrier operators that might be better suited to achieve your business objectives.


Immediate benefits of working with Blackwire:Sova include:


Custom modeling of your telecom requirements.


Immediate and dramatic cost savings.


Extensive knowledge of both traditional and emerging telecom technologies.


Commitment to helping your company succeed.

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